Strangers – Just Friends You Haven’t Met Yet

Often, we don’t want to make eye contact, talk to, or do anything with someone we don’t know. The thing is, these strangers are just friends who we haven’t yet met.

While there are some things that we should avoid in life, I don’t believe people should be one of them. Reaching out is how we meet our closest friends and loved ones, come across new job opportunities, and most of all, have fun.

Happy New Year, everyone. Do not wish for this year to go well, make this year go well. You’re in charge of your life, after all!



The Beauty of Math

“When will we ever use this in real life?” asked the math students.

Well, everywhere and forever. Mathematicians did not create equations, they discovered them. They were already there, and we just happened to stumble upon them through intelligent, ceaseless effort. Makes you think a little, doesn’t it?

The Pacific Ocean – Lifeless?

The Pacific Ocean – Lifeless?

A revised comment on the article… Please click on the link above to read about the Pacific problem.

The extinction rates of species have been increasing lately. I don’t think there is solely one culprit to death in the Pacific, such as Fukushima. Surely Fukushima has contributed to the problem, but the root of it all (in my opinion) is consumerism. The public demands products, and the companies deliver. The farmers, the factories, you name it, produce the items by hacking up the land and eliminating Earth’s wildlife. Workers do insane labor for terrible pay. They process the ingredients, make the product, and that releases toxins into the air, the water, the soil, etc. The consumers use that product, and toss away the extra. Our oceans are littered with garbage, the things that don’t just “dissolve away.” Plastic remains, being eaten by fish, being eaten by us… the cycle continues.

This is something we can’t ignore. We aren’t just hurting the environment and animals, we are slowly killing ourselves. We depend on our environment. We can’t afford to destroy it, or hurt other people constantly. The solution starts with the individual… into teams, into cities, into states, countries, governments. Environmental change is scary, but we can’t keep saying it’s acceptable to ignore it. Facing our fears will fare a better future.



Posting article to make up for lost posts.

The Cloud Machine

The Cloud Machine

Photo taken by Laura M. in Costa Rica.

When I was little, I used to think that the purpose of factories was to make clouds. As I grew up, I learned I wasn’t so wrong. Only, the clouds factories produce are not the pure, white fluffy ones at which we like to gaze. They emit toxic substances that damage to DNA in developing embryos, and inflict diseases of different severities to those who are nearby. This does not only happen with factories, but with cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, etc., as well. To counter this, walk, cycle, or bus to your destinations. If a car must be driven, drive an environmentally friendly car (good mileage, low emissions, hybridized, electrically-powered), and choose a car over a motorcycle or scooter (the emissions are better). The first step to reducing toxic substances in our air is by altering our means of transportation.

Apply yourself, every day!


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Slime Mold Solves Maze – Intelligence?

Hello everyone!
This is Laura here, I’ve been back at home from Hawaii for a few weeks now. I’ve just been so busy that I haven’t had time to update the blog.
Joan and I are in college now, and we have to focus much more on schoolwork. That means putting in every bit of effort that we can, to make sure that our dollars don’t go to waste. From this point on, we’ll be posting once a week on MONDAYS!

This video was posted by a friend of mine on Facebook – it’s pretty nuts. See why slime mold is so flippin’ cool! Does this make you rethink intelligence? When a single celled organism can, with no mistakes, find its way through a maze, choose healthy food, and explore an area? What makes humans, dolphins, dogs, cats, etc. intelligent?

Love, Laura


A small island of Midway, mostly known for the Battle of Midway, is also home to thousands of albatross. See how our everyday habits of using plastic transforms the health of the oceans and its dependents.

Chris Jordan came to my high school a year ago. I was able to talk to him personally. Of course, I was bawling when I was, but that’s okay. That’s the point! If you want to help him out, donate here ( AND do your part to reduce, reuse and recycle.