The Beauty of Math

โ€œWhen will we ever use this in real life?โ€ asked the math students.

Well, everywhere and forever. Mathematicians did not create equations, they discovered them. They were already there, and we just happened to stumble upon them through intelligent, ceaseless effort. Makes you think a little, doesn’t it?


Fun DIYs and Ways to Reuse

Fun DIYs and Ways to Reuse

Stumbled upon this page on StumbleUpon. Here’s the link to many fun crafts and interesting ways to reuse certain items. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Marshmallow cupcake frosting
  2. Growing lettuce from “old” purchased bunches of lettuce
  3. Instant sunburn relief with Aloe trick
  4. Color gradient eggs for Easter
  5. Easy embossed jars
  6. Faux stones on a concrete patio
  7. Magnetic scrabble wall board for an ongoing family game
  8. Pallets to patio furniture
  9. Paint swatches to homemade calendar
  10. Pallets to puns signs
  11. How to make a polka dot cake
  12. Reclaimed window coffee table
  13. Bunk bed into stargazing tree house
  14. Rose petal tea light
  15. Harmless fresh scent for a bathroom
  16. Old tire to an ottoman
  17. Funky ice cube “tray”
  18. PVC pipe hair appliance holders
  19. Colored tape for highlights

Cool finds like these remind us how easy it is to give a new life to our used items. This is important. Think of how many things we throw away a year that could have been put to a nifty use? A lot, that’s how many. Fun DIY projects not only reduce waste, but give you a sense of accomplishment. A sense of accomplishment gives us that extra “umph” to get through the daily grind, a true necessity. If we don’t feel like we’ve accomplished anything, we’ll just feel stuck and glum! So get crackin’ and have fun!

Love, Laura